SolveQuotes for Front-Office - Message Parsing for Fixed Income Markets

SolveQuotes for Front-Office Parse your own messages to extract
valuable market color, BWICs, and
dealer inventories
SolveQuotes Market Data Complement your parsed data with
market data contributed by our
data partners
SolveQuotes for Back-Office Eliminate the month-end hassle by
parsing broker valuation statements
with powerful exception reporting

Unlike the liquid interest rates, equities, and currencies, fixed income markets such as Structured Products, Corporates, Syndicated Bank Loans, CDS, and Municipals are not nearly as transparent. The “Market” is locked away in the firm's email messages. We’re here to unlock it!

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Access Market Data

SolveQuotes scrapes Bloomberg messages, email, and attachments in real-time and aggregates price, spread, and yield data into a user-friendly interface. The software facilitates access to a superset of market data parsed from a firm’s own messages, contributed by Solve Advisors’ partners, and additional data that can be seamlessly imported into the platform such as quotes, comments, month-end marks, or fundamental model pricing. SolveQuotes charts out both price and spread allowing you to identify trends in the marketplace before others do.

Improve Your Workflow

SolveQuotes BWIC and Inventory Monitors allows you to quickly determine the securities out for bid or on offering sheets, identify the opportunities that you want to focus on and see the day’s agenda all in one screen. The software further automates your workflow by identifying matchers between BWICs and inventories with your portfolios or watch lists.

SolveQuotes additionally facilitates data sharing among a team or between multiple teams. Multiple users can easily share their combined market color. The middle and back office can access the same data that is available to the front-office.

Privacy Concerns

We respect our clients' privacy concerns. We have specifically designed the parser in a way that it can be deployed internally to our clients' networks so that their messages and data never have to leave their firewalls.

Integration with In-house Systems

SolveQuotes data can be easily integrated into your internal systems or analytics.

  • Feeds/APIs - FIX, RESTful API, SFTP
  • Integration Partners - Intex, Moody's Analytics, Trepp
  • Excel Add-in