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Solve Advisors is a Leading Provider of Real-Time Pre-Trade Price Transparency
in Fixed Income Markets

Our state-of-the-art message parsing and data aggregation technology, SolveQuotes™, extracts bids, offers, axes, inventories, BWICs, and other market color within clients’ emails and overlays it with anonymous pricing data from our network of buy-side and sell-side contributors.

Solve Advisors Announces Enhancements to the INTEXcalc™ Integration

How Can Price Transparency Help You?

  • Maintain Your Competitive Edge
  • Price and Liquidity Discovery
  • Generate Trade Ideas and Automate Algorithms
  • Streamline Relative Value, Best Execution, and Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Mark positions with confidence
  • Improve operational efficiency from Front to Back-Office

Security Coverage

  • Structured Products: 120,000+
  • Corporate Bonds: 65,000+
  • Syndicated Bank Loans: 4,000+
  • Credit Default Swaps: 1,200+
  • Municipal Bonds: 300,000+

Weekly Market Summaries

SolveQuotes allows searching and visualizing market color while alerting you to potential opportunities

Data and Workflow Challenges

  • Market participants exchange thousands of messages with pricing data
  • Given their unstructured nature, this data is not accessible
  • Finding trade opportunities, liquidity, and matchers is time-consuming, manually-intensive, and error-prone

SolveQuotes Parsing Technology (more info...)

  • Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning based technology
  • Unparalleled accuracy parsing highly unstructured messages
  • SaaS and On-Premises Deployment

Contributed SolveQuotes Market Data (more info...)

  • Market pricing data contributed by our partner clients
  • Supplements your parsed quotes
  • Contributors are both Buy and Sell-Side

SolveQuotes Workflow Tools

Consume the Data

  • Desktop and Web front-end
  • Feeds/APIs - FIX, RESTful API, SFTP
  • Integration Partners - Intex, Moody's Analytics, Trepp
  • Excel Add-in

Our Clients

  • Buy-Side - Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Mutual Funds, etc
  • Sell-side - Broker/Dealers, Banks, Regionals, IDBs
  • Front to Back-Office - traders, PMs, analysts, product control, risk managements, etc.
  • Others - ATS, Valuations, Accounting, Research Firms, Analytics Providers

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